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  • Specialized Education in Southern California
    Specialized Education in Southern California

    Specialized computer software is avaliable for Court Reporting students to practice. 

  • Medical Office Training

    Medical students are taught both front and back office skills. Students will be trained from filling out insurance forms to drawing blood samples. 

  • Court Reporting, Legal and Medical Graduations
    Court Reporting, Legal and Medical Graduations

    CONGRATULATIONS  to our Court Reporting, Medical & Legal graduates!

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    Stop by our campus for FREE information and a tour of the campus. Located in Orange, CA, between the 55 and 91 freeways on Chapman Ave.

Four Reasons why you should consider south coast college

If you’re looking for career colleges in Orange County, South Coast College could be right for you. We provide a unique learning environment that can better be experienced than described. A student from the Court Reporting program recently said it best: "I have a degree and have attended three colleges/universities, and I have never encountered such a motivated student body with such a highly motivating faculty and supportive staff."  The (1) unique learning environment, (2) motivated student body, (3) highly motivating faculty, and (4) supportive staff at South Coast College will accelerate you toward your goal.  

To get a full understanding of the benefits of attending South Coast College, you have to experience our unique learning community firsthand. Schedule a visit today, or simply request more information about our legal programs, paralegal certificate and medical career training programs.

Court Reporting

Leading court reporting school

One of the most outstanding court reporting programs in the country, South Coast College offers more than 50 years of experience in the training of stenographers. South Coast College consistently yields one of the highest pass rates for the Certified Shorthand Reporter (CSR) Examination in both the academic and skills sections. Students will be prepared with the skills and knowledge required to pass the CSR and begin a successful career as a deposition reporter, court reporter, or captioner

Medical Assisting

Get Hands On Training in the Medical Field

South Coast College’s Medical Assisting Program offers a hands-on learning experience for those who wish to obtain an entry-level position in the medical field. South Coast College’s highly experienced instructors and staff will empower students with the knowledge and techniques to use in the lab and doctors’ offices. The Medical Assisting Program at South Coast College will prepare students with the practical skills for today’s thriving medical industry, and job placement assistance is available.

Legal Administrative Assistant

Legal Administrative Assistant Certificate

South Coast College’s Legal Administrative Assistant Certificate Program prepares students for the legal industry with the latest law and word processing courses in nine months to one year. Students familiarize themselves with the preparation of legal documents, transcription, and maintaining the litigation calendar. Students learn the various branches of law under highly experienced practicing attorneys, and further solidify this real-world knowledge through experience with a externship.


Paralegal associates degree

South Coast College offers an associates degree in Paralegal Studies in which students explore various areas of legal practice. Under the guidance of highly experienced law professionals, students learn the skills necessary to be a paralegal in 18-24 months. They will learn how to write briefs, perform legal and factual research, conduct client interviews, draft simple motions, pleadings and responses, and prepare, legal correspondence. Job placement assistance is available.