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    Specialized Education in Southern California

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    Court Reporting, Legal and Medical Graduations

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The study of law can be intimidating, but not at South Coast College. Our legal programs feature small class sizes where you'll work one-on-one with your instructors to develop skills that are necessary in the legal field. As one of our recent graduates said, "Going back to school after being out of school for many years was quite intimidating, but South Coast College's professors and staff made the transition easy."

Why South Coast College?

Professional Staff

What makes the Paralegal Studies program  unique is that the instructors in the program are experts in the legal subjects that they teach. Many of them work either in the court systems of California or have private practices in legal specialties. All have years of teaching experience and are here to pass their knowledge onto you. If you’re looking for Orange County paralegal schools, consider South Coast College.  

One-on-One Teaching

Our legal program is broken down into smaller class sizes, allowing the students to get more one-on-one time with their instructors. The professionals who teach our Paralegal Studies program are eager to help students learn the material so they can be successful in their career as a paralegal.


South Coast College offers many resources for its legal students to succeed in their program. Our hands-on staff can help you do legal research in our law library and train you to use some of the most commonly used software in the legal field. South Coast College's amenities include:

  • One-on-One Teaching
  • Mock trials and courtrooms
  • Professional staff working in the industry
  • Full Legal Library for Casework
  • Assistance with Job Placement
  • Software training for most common applications

Student Services

Job Placement assistance

After completing our Paralegal program, you'll be required to complete a 144-hour externship working in the field. Our graduates are often hired based on their excellent performance at their externship. Should your externship not lead to employment, our professional faculty will help you in finding a suitable alternative.

Types of Jobs

Requirements to be a paralegal can differ depending on your place of work. At South Coast College, we help our graduates learn the skills they need to find employment with law firms, federal, state or local governments. Your skills can help you make a difference in areas such as family law, immigration law, criminal defense, bankruptcy and more.

Academic advisement

Our readily accessible legal staff is always eager and ready to help you with any questions you have during your time at South Coast College. Our knowledgeable counselors will place you in all the right courses needed to graduate on time and as quickly as possible, so you can get started on your career in the legal field. 

Admission Requirements

Before becoming a student in our Paralegal Studies program, you'll be required to fulfill the requirements listed below.  Please see the Admissions Requirements page for more specific details. 

  • Documentation for high school diploma or GED
  • Official transcript
  • Pay the necessary enrollment fees 
  • Complete informational interview with admissions
  • Complete a tour of the campus
  • Complete 2 standardized entrance exams 


South Coast College Location

2011 W Chapman Ave
Orange, CA 92868

Campus Amenities:

  • Free Parking is available in 2 lots
  • Bookstore
  • Library
  • Computer Labs


Career Outlook

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, paralegals are in demand. Due to the increased amount of work in law offices, lawyers are hiring paralegals to take some of the work load. As a paralegal, you'll work alongside lawyers in private firms or government agencies.

Job Duties

As a Paralegal you will be performing many tasks in the law office, including: 

  • Review cases
  • Research laws, regulations, and legal articles
  • Generate reports and documents
  • Input information into computer databases
  • Help lawyer prepare for court
  • Help lawyer during trials
  • Organize evidence for cases
  • Handle correspondence and other documents

Salary Information

The salary of a paralegal can differ depending on your place of work. However, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for paralegals is $46,990, with the top 10% of earners taking in $75,410 or more. With an education from South Coast College, you can have the skills you need to earn your paralegal license and pursue paralegal careers with law firms specializing in a variety of legal areas.



South Coast College offers a structured class schedule to help you learn the skills you will need in the legal field. The courses offered for the paralegal program will build your skills in general education as well as law. You can find more information about the paralegal program on page 53 of our catalog.  

Course Catalog

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